The year 2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the first year of operation of the Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society following the amalgamation of the Germany & Colonies Stamp Club (established 1947) and the Stockton German Study Group (1960).


The G&CPS celebrated its inaugural year in 1964 with the first Germania Posta philatelic exhibition held in Stockton.



Please read these notes carefully before completing the application form.


The subscription for the year beginning 1 January 2024: £16.00 (Non-UK £19.00, US$25.00 or €21.00) payment can be made in US dollars or Euros as appropriate, see details on application form or payment can be made by bank transfer.

Postal Auction Fee for members wishing to have the lists by post: £2.50 or £4.00 for overseas members (see application form). Lists free if sent by e-mail.

Cheques/postal orders should be made payable to "Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society"

The preferred option for all non-UK members is for payments to be made via to the Society’s account  (see details on application form).

In the interests of security, the name of the Society should not be mentioned on communications addressed to any officer of other members of the Society.

The Data Protection Act 1998: As an unincorporated members' club with computerised and manual records relating only to club members for mailing and accounting purposes, the Germany & Colonies Philatelic Society is exempt from registering under the Data Protection Act, providing members do not object. The records held by Officers of the Society are not disclosed to third parties nor to other members of the Society. If any member does object, or has a query on this subject, please contact the Society's Publications Manager.

We take protection of your personal data very seriously.  Details of the Society's privacy policy can be found on this website as linked below.


For young collectors up to the age of 18 no subscription need be paid on joining or on renewal until the 1 January renewal immediately following the year a member has attained his/her 18th birthday.

Such members must have their applications for membership countersigned by a parent or guardian. Acceptance of membership is conditional upon receipt of a suitable certificate of indemnification signed by a parent or guardian accepting responsibility for any debts incurred by the young member.

There need also to be safeguards for any young person attending Society activities. Young members may participate in any Society activity but, in order that the Society meets its legal duty of care towards them, he/she must be accompanied at any meetings by one of his/her parents or a guardian or an adult nominated by a parent or a guardian. That adult will make him or herself known on arrival to the leader of the meeting. Should the young member wish to attend an event involving an overnight stay at a hotel (such as the Society’s usual AGM weekend) then in addition to the above conditions the Society must be provided with a written consent in advance for such a stay from one of his/her parents or a guardian. That consent should also include any special instructions (such as dietary or medical requirements) appropriate for the welfare of the young person.





For the application form, print off, complete in BLOCK LETTERS and return to the address on the form.